Solved: How To Restore WCF Hosting On Windows Server 2003

Solved: How To Restore WCF Hosting On Windows Server 2003

This guide is written to help you get WCF hosting error on Windows Server 2003.

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    Can we host WCF Service without IIS?

    2 reviews. You might be able to deploy it as a Windows service in addition to providing an HTTP endpoint.

    One option for hosting Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services is in a single Internet Information Services (IIS) application. This hosting model is similar to that used by ASP.NET Web Services and ASP.Web Network Services (ASMX).

    IIS Specific Versions

    Often WCF can be hosted on the following versions of IIS on the following operating systems:

    • IIS 5.1 for Windows XP SP2. It is a simple environment for designing and developing hosted IIS applications that will then run on a server operating system such as Windows Server 2003.

    • IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003. IIS 6.0 provides an advanced process that simulates promotions with improved scalability, reliability, and application security. It is a suitable environment for generating revenue from WCF services that only use HTTP communication.

    • IIS 7. On Windows Vista 8 and Windows Server 2008. IIS 7.0 offers the same advanced features as the IIS 6.0 model, but uses the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) to activate and network conversations differently the HTTP protocol. protocols. This framework is suitable for the further development of WCF services that bind all of the above networking protocols supported by WCF HTTP (including net.tcp, net.pipe, as well as net.msmq). For more information on WAS, see Windows Host Process Activation Service .

    • Windows Server AppFabric works with selected iis.0 and Windows Process Activation Services (WAS), providing full online application hosting for NET4-WCF and WF framework services. These useful processes typically include lifecycle management, process reuse, shared hosting, crash protection, process abandonment, on-demand provisioning, and health monitoring. For details, see AppFabric Hosting Features as well as AppFabric Hosting Concepts .

    Benefits Of IIS Hosting

    Where can I host WCF service?

    Hosting Internet Information Services (IIS).Hosting Windows Activation Services (WAS).Hosting in a console or desktop application (self-hosting).Hosted in a brand new Windows service.

    • WCF functions hosted in IIS are exposed with managed IIS applications just like any other, including ASP.NET and ASMX applications.

    • IIS provides process enablement, health monitoring, and reuse functionality to improve the reliability of hosted applications.

    • Like ASP.NET, WCF services hosted by ASP in .NET can take advantage of a shared ASP.NET website in which multiple applications are modeled within a common workflow to maintain server density and improve scalability.

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    Websites hosted by WCF in IIS use the same compilation model enThe same energies as ASP.NET 2.0, making it easier to develop and deliver online services.

    If you choose to host WCF for IIS, it is important to remember that IIS 5.1 and IIS 6.0 restrict HTTP to transmission only. For more information on choosing a hosting environment, see Hosting Services .

    Expose IIS-hosted WCF Service

    hosting wcf in windows server 2003

    Developing and deploying an IIS-hosted WCF service involves the following tasks:

    • Make sure IIS, ASP.NET, WCF, and the WCF HTTP Wake component are properly installed and listed.

    • Create a new IIS application or redesign an existing ASP.NET application for money.

    • How do I host WCF on local machine?

      Make sure IIS, ASP.NET and WCF are properly installed and registered.Create a new IIS application or reuse an existing ASP.NET application.Create a .svc file for the main WCF service.Deploy the service implementation as an IIS application.Configure WCF Service.See also.

      Create this .svc file for the wcf service.

    • Provide vendors with an IIS application implementation.

    • Configure the WCF service.

    For a discussion of each of these tasks, see Exposing the Internet and WCF Services Hosted by Information Services .

    WCF And ASP.NET Services

    WCF services can be automatically hosted in ASP.NET or ASP.NET compatibility mode, which allows the services to take full advantage of the services provided by the platform.The form of ASP.NET web applications. For a discussion, information about these features can be found in ASP.NET-related WCF Services .

    See Also

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    Did I compile the target service framework wcf 4.0?

    Hosted Infrastructure 2.0,3.5 is not supported on the IIS website. I amIf asp Framework 4.0 registers with a request, how will it affect hosting a website that is already hosted or not?

    How do we host a WCF service in IIS?

    Step 1. Start Visual Studio 2012 and click File → New → Website. Select WCF Service and specify the location via http. This is where the service will be hosted when IIS. Click OK.

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