The Easiest Way To Fix An Internal Error, The Request Is Not Supported

The Easiest Way To Fix An Internal Error, The Request Is Not Supported

An error code may appear indicating an internal error indicating that the request is not supported. It turns out there are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll come back to that a little later.

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    This article will help you troubleshoot the errors that appear in SMB Read Andx requests for files that are controlled by simple data deduplication.

    Applies to: Windows Server R2 in the coming year
    Original KB Number: 2817216


    Server: Windows 2012 Server RTM, with general parameter [x] enable data deduplication
    SMB v1 clients: Windows XP SP3, third-party CIFS clients (Macintosh, Unix Samba)

    Companies using Windows XP cannot open files on 2012 shared servers.

    Usually only deduplicated videos (over 32KB) are not available. Extended files are almost always available on the volume.

    internal error the request is not supported

    Error messages couldum differs depending on the type of access and the application communicating with the file server on the 2012 data deduplication shared folder.

    • Explorer: copying an unexpected file

      The error also prevents this file from being copied. If you continue to encounter this error, you can use someone else’s error code to ask for help with this problem.

      Error 0x80070032: Exact query not supported. Copy


    • Error file or possibly folder

      Unable to copy : Unable to read source file or disk.

      internal error the request is not supported


      Unable to replicate : the request is not always supported.

    • Office: Microsoft Excel ‘

      Filename.xls “not available. The file may be read-only, or you are trying to navigate to a specific read-only location. Or the server hosting the main document may not be responding.


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    Unable to open .xls file.

  • Microsoft Word

    Unable to open file filename.doc…

  • Adobe: open file correctly

    An error occurred while opening the document. Access denied.

  • Navisworks

    Download Autodesk Navisworks Simulate 2011

    failed because content is irreversibly damaged

  • Access Denied

    Is the client certificate specified for’0’invalid?

    The client certificate required for ‘0’ is invalid. Make sure the certificate is correct, contains the perfect private key, and that the resource has been granted access. Policy “0” does not indicate a large standard user story. Make sure that the particular policy or its ancestors include the standard user story as part of the one attached to the relying party section.


    Access denied.

  • 1819 XPclient 2012Srv SMB NT AndX create FID: request, 0xc003, path: Test-Dedup-file.pdf
    1820 2012Srv XPclient creates SMB NT AndX response, FID: 0xc003
    Benefit amount: 0
    EndOfFile: 51362
    1829 XPclient 2012Srv SMB Read AndX Request, FID: 0xc003, 32768 bytes at offset 0
    1830 2012Srv XPclient SMB Read AndX Response, FID: 0xc003, Bytes, 0 Error: STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED
    NTStatus: 0xC00000BB, Facility = FACILITY_SYSTEM, severity is STATUS_SEVERITY_ERROR, code = (187) STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED

    Standard error 0xc00000bb = STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED
    or 0x80070032 = ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED = The request is not only supported.


    Deduplication Cmdlets In Windows PowerShell

    Get-DedupStatus – A returns a DeduplicationStatus object for each layer that has metadata related to data deduplication –
    get-dedupschedule Returns the DeduplicationJobSchedule objects defined for the system we.
    Get-DedupJob – Returns a status in addition to information about jobs that are currently running in the queue, or possibly deduplication jobs.
    Update-DedupStatus – Also scans another specified volume to compute new deduplication storage information and returns a DeduplicationStatus object.
    Get the latest lack of performance optimization using the Get-DedupJob PowerShell command

    Windows 2012 Deduplication – Sharing from Windows XP / 7


    The problem of interaction between the deduplication components, non-standard SMB entry and EnableECP in the entire server registry:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet services LanManServer Parameters
    EnableAuthenticateUserSharing REG_DWORD 0x0
    ServiceDllUnloadOnStop REG_DWORD 0x1
    ServiceDll REG_EXPAND_SZ% SystemRoot% system32 srvsvc.dll
    NullSessionPipes REG_MULTI_SZ
    REG_DWORD automatic exit 0xf
    enable forced shutdown REG_DWORD 0x1
    enablesecuritysignature REG_DWORD 0x0 // Standard 0x1
    Required security signature means REG_DWORD 0x0
    zeros keep access REG_DWORD 0x1
    Lmannounce REG_DWORD 0x0
    REG_DWORD size 0x3
    AdjustedNullSessionPipes REG_DWORD 0x3
    ClusterPipes REG_MULTI_SZ FssagentRpc
    CachedOpenLimit REG_DWORD 0x0 // Standard = 0x5
    >> enableecp REG_DWORD 0x1 << // defaults to 0x0 or undefined
    REG_BINARY DEF9D10A080B9241932038A7E77DFC2D instructions


    We believe that the issue is indeed due to the fact that you can provide interoperability between the three components of Dedup, SMB and third-party vendors such as “VMware vShield Endpoint driver (VSEPFLT.SYS)” if the registry key is by yourself or by installing third-party programs:

    1. Reload


    2. Restart the server service in the top window like CMD:



      If additional steps do not solve the problem: there may well be other problems with the application:

      Accessing deduplicated data using an application similar to Over adobe SMB may fail.

      Adobe has confirmed a known issue with Adobe Reader accessing PDF files on Server 2012 with deduplicated files.

      This issue was resolved by Adobe upgrading to 10.3.x. The current version of Adobe Reader is 11.0.

      This article is about RTM Server 2012 Deduplication causing problems with PDF files

      This trial This issue has been fixed in version (10.1.4) of Acrobat Reader.

    Status before March 8: McAfee Support Response: We are actively investigating what value enableecp has for our product and what Bearing Any is) (if this value is reset to 0 or even all of the value.

    If the client relies on data on the closest deduplication server to be accessed by XP clients in the environment, or possibly in the environment, it is recommended at this point to literally set the key to 5, as MSFT suggests, to ensure that the environment is normal, that we completed our own investigation and came to a conclusion on how best to proceed to resolve this issue.

    KB77623 is currently under development and will be released within the next 5-6 business days. Your current knowledge base will be updated as the investigation progresses and more details become available. It currently provides a general overview of the problem and workarounds provided by MSFT.

    19. March: KB These elements have been published and should be made available to the public through the part of the M knowledge basecAfee Knowledge Base . Research into the value of our own enableecp is ongoing.

    Windows 7 clients cannot directly access shared folders on Windows Server if the following data deduplication is enabled

    Additional Information

    Reusing attached and previously assigned ECPs is a new feature in Windows 8. To avoid the commercial cost of releasing an ECP when closing content and then assigning a new one, the file and file system filter driver can efficiently reuse existing ECPs. …

    Server & Tool Blogs> Server & Management Blogs> Microsoft Storage Team – Workbook

    • 5 minutes to read.

    This actually became known after using McAfee version 8.8 VirusScan Enterprise AntiSpyware + Enterprise.
    If you uninstall this product, enableecp = 1 will still be displayed after that, so you must manually remove enableecp from the registry.

    If the above steps did not solve your problem: there may be other problems with the application:

    DDeduplicated files may not be accessible using a similar Adobe application via SMB.

    Adobe has confirmed a common issue with Adobe Reader when using PDF files on a 2012 deduplicated server.

    The problem was not with the mobile version of Adobe 10 version 3.x. The most recent version of Adobe Reader at the moment is 11.0.

    Here is an article on PDF files. RTM Server 2012 Deduplication creates problems when using PDFs

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