Best Way To Fix Invalid Opencv GUI Error Handler Argument

Best Way To Fix Invalid Opencv GUI Error Handler Argument

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known bug with an invalid opencv GUI error handler argument. This problem can occur due to many factors. Now we will discuss them.

    I’m trying to

    context: train my own face recognition for an opencv hair classifier. I’m working on one with vm Ubuntu 16. mine In working directory 04, there are several subdirectories: face with 2429 positive images, all negatives unrelated to face with 4548 images. All images are in png format, matte scaled and with a width and height of 19px. I created a file that clearly contains the absolute path to all positive photos followed by “1 3 0 18 ex: 18”,

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  • /home/user/ML-Trainer/face/face1.Png 1 5 0 18 18/home/user/ML-Trainer/face/face2.png 1 0 4 18 18/home/user/ML-Trainer/face/face3.png 1 0 0 24 18

    and more to remove negative points. This txt contained the absolute path to each measured image


    opencv gui error handler bad argument

    opencv_createsamples -info -vec Positives.vec -num 2429 19 -w -h 19

    and as expected and I get Positives.vec, I searched for an empty directory and ran the following:

    file opencv_traincascade -data -vec Positives.vec -bg negatives.txt 2429 -numpos -numNeg 4548 -numStages -w 10 20 -h 19 datavecFileName: &
    PARAMETERS:cascadeDirName: positives.vecbgFilename: Negative.txtnumber: 2429number negative: 4548Number of floors: 10precalcValBufSize[MB]: 1024precalcIdxBufSize [MB]: 1024AcceptanceRatioBreakValue -1StageType: : HAIRPattern Width: BOOSTLine type: 19Height example: 19Type: ATM BoostMinimum chance of success: 0.995maxFalseAlarmRate: 0.5Weight adjustment factor: 0.95maximum depth: 1maximum number of weak points: 100Mode: BASICNumber of unique features given [19,19]: windowSize 63960===== TRAINING level 0 ===== AcceptanceRatio 4548 = 1Term: 13+----+---------+---------+| H | Human resources | FA |+----+---------+---------+| 1| 1| 1|+----+---------+---------+| 2| 1| 1|+----+---------+---------+| 3| 0.998765| 0.396218|+----+---------+---------+END>At the moment, training took 0 days 0 hours 1 moment 7 seconds.
    ===== 1 LEARN step =====

    sampleOpenCV error: invalid argument

    EDIT:I changed -numPos a based on the smallest number: 2186 (0.9 6 , 2429) I did this reading after this valuable answer and it made everyone

    ===== TRAINING in 3 steps =====

    and concept gives me the same error. How to configure the parameters of the opencv_createsamples command?

    Reading and writing videos in OpenCV is very similar to reading and writing images. In general, however, video is a series of frames, often referred to as ancillary frames. So you just need to go through all the layers in one footage at a time, one frame at a time. In this article, we will visually show how to view new and recorded videos played from a file, footage and webcam shots. We also need to fix some of our own errors that can appear in certain processes, and help understand howfix them.

    • Play video
      • From file
      • From image sequence
      • from webcam

      < /li> < li>Recording a video

    • Errors that may occur when playing or recording a video
    • Overview

    First, let's look at the sample code for the playback video file. In fact, this approach includes the function of playing a good video from a disc and watching its performance. In the remainder of our course, we will also discuss in detail the features used, in this implementation.main



    opencv gui error handler bad argument

    Here are the video input/output functions of OpenCV that we will talk about here in this blog:

    1. cv2.VideoCapture - creates another object that captures video, helps to transfer or display video.
    2. cv2.VideoWriter code > - Saves output of video information without.
    3. In addition, we also discuss functions needed such as cv2.imshow(), cv2 .waitKey En() plus a get() method that takes into account the metadata of this form, such as image height, width, frames per second, etc. to play the video.

    In this example, you will still play the video above ('Cars.but mp4') and watch it as well.

    We provide unique Python and C++ codes for learning and practice. We

    means the OpenCV library first. Note that for C++ in most cases you will use cv::function(), but because we chose to use cv (using the space cv names), we can directly access OpenCV functions without adding cv:: if you need a function name.



    Play Video From File

    The next block of code, followed by the next one, uses the VideoCapture() class to provide a VideoCapture object, which we will then use to play the file. The syntax of the use class it is shown

    The argument below: main is the filename/path to each of our video files. Second, it's an additional argument that specifies the API preference. Some of the options associated with this particular optional argument are detailed below. learn To learn more about apiPreference, visit the official VideoCaptureAPI documentation at the link.

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